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2017 Queen Contestants

Hello rodeo fans, welcome to the 70th annual La Grange Rodeo!  I am Ivana Kursar, your 2016 outgoing queen.  Being Miss La Grange Rodeo has truly been an honor and such a wonderful journey.  Over the past year I traveled thousands of miles, made life long friends, and created wonderful memories I will never forget.  I attended 35 rodeos, 8 queen contests, 6 parades, and 2 ag days.  Traveling throughout California has definitely been an experience.  From spending a week at the amazing Salinas rodeo running full speed down the huge track.  To getting stuck with a flat tire on the bay bridge heading to grand nationals, but getting to hang out with the legend Bobby Kerr that evening, to the CCPRA finals in Corning in the pouring down rain.  And last but not least, to riding in Plymouth, my hometown rodeo in front of all my family and friends.  There are many more rodeos and events that I will never forget.  But my favorite part was being able to talk and teach the younger generation what this lifestyle is all about. 

​This opportunity would not have been possible without such a wonderful and caring group of people.  To Sam Fabila, for always making sure my horses had their feet properly shoed and ready to do anything that was thrown at us.  To Jack at Tresslers Tire and Performance, for making sure my truck was always safe and ready to go on the road every weekend.  To the La Grange Rodeo Association and queen committee, for making this year so fun and always being there when I had a million questions.  To the Talamentes family, for being my second family, helping me sell tons of rodeo tickets, letting me borrow a horse whenever I needed to, and to many more things they've done for me throughout the years.  To my younger brother Sime, to going to just about every single rodeo with me, being my co-pilot, and always willing to help me with anything and everything.  To my sister Milka, for being my personal photographer and always making sure I looked perfect.  To my dad, for traveling with me to grand nationals and being my queen dad for the weekend, helping me get my horse ready, and even hair spraying my hair in the horse barn just as I'm about to get on my horse.  To the rest of my siblings, family and friends for being the most amazing support team a girl could ask for, in this queen world since I was 13.  ​​​​From making my wardrobe all these years, making sure I had gorgeous queen hair, and pushing me to follow my dreams and to take life just one stride at a time.  I will forever be known as the long blond haired girl with the super shiny shirts.  Thank you all and many more for making this opportunity of a lifetime possible.  I hope to have made you all so proud and left a permanent impression.

​The 2-17 contestants, Katie, Jolene, Rachael, Caylin, Briana, and Mattea.  You all are such wonderful young ladies and have done an outstanding job throughout this contest.  The association and committee will be very fortunate to have one of you ladies as the next queen.  No matter who gets the crown, you are all winners!  To one of you ladies who gets to step into my boots, make sure to alays wear a smile,, have fun and be enlightened that there​'s always a little girl looking up to you.  Best wishes and I can't wait to hand over my crown to one of your.  As your 2016 Miss La Grange Rodeo queen I want to thank all of your for a fantastic year and for coming to the most extraordinary 1 day rodeo!